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В среднем один сотрудник в 2020 году принес компании 26 млн рублей, что на 81% больше, чем годом ранее.

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SOK провел Первую Международную Брокерскую Конференцию

4 марта в SOK Rybakov Tower (Ленинградский пр-т 36, вл. 11) прошла Первая Международная Брокерская Конференция

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Эффект удаленки: какие офисы стали популярны в Москве из-за пандемии

Аналитики рассказали, как изменились предпочтения арендаторов и покупателей помещений в столичных бизнес-центрах.


Утро России. Благоприятная атмосфера: как сделать воздух в офисах чище

Чтобы мы реже болели и продуктивнее работали, необходимо сделать воздух в офисах чище. Так утверждают врачи. Благо, у наших инженеров есть идеи, как реализовать пожелания медиков.

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Зачем офисам «зеленая» сертификация и как внедрить LEED-стандарты

В России появился первый «зеленый» коворкинг. В августе площадка смарт-офисов SOK в Сити получила золотой уровень сертификации LEED — международной системы оценки энергоэффективности и экологичности коммерческой недвижимости. 

Управляющий партнер SOK Ирек Аллаяров рассказыват, зачем это нужно и как получить «золотую корочку».


Flexible offices in "Moscow City" are certified according to the green LEED system

LEED certified offices make the most of natural light, an adequate supply of clean air, and low noise. SOK Smart Offices have begun environmental certification under the international LEED system. Office space with an area of ​​more than 3.5 thousand square meters. m in the "Federation Tower" of the business center "Moscow City" will be the first certified "green" coworking in Russia and the CIS.

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Billionaire Igor Rybakov will open the largest coworking in Russia

The SOK coworking chain has leased another 9,000 sq. m office building in the VTB Arena Park business district.

Given the already existing SOK site at that location, the total area of the company's flexible office spaces will total 18, 400 sq. m.

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Billionaire Igor Rybakov will open coworking locations in Israel and the United States.

SOK will open the first flexible office space in Israel, three consultants who worked with parties close to the deal told Vedomosti. A coworking space with a total area of more than 3,000 sq. m will open in December 2019 in Nitsba Tower in the very center of Tel Aviv, a company spokesman confirmed. Requests for further comments to the Nitsba Group, which as stated on its website, owns the business

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Billionaire Igor Rybakov will open one of the largest coworking sites in Russia

The SOK coworking chain leases 7,167 sq. m in the Federation Tower in the Moscow City business center, two individuals close to both sides of the deal told Vedomosti.

“The company has already started decorating the area of more than 3,000 sq. m, for the opening that is due in September”, said Irek Allayarov managing partner of SOK

SOK will obtain access to the remainder of the space once the current tenant moves out. “This is planned to occur within two months”, he added.


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SOK Arena Park - the best coworking version of the Best Office Awards 2019

SOK Arena Park is the best coworking office according to Best Office Awards 2019

The largest coworking office in Russia - SOK Arena Park smart-offices won an international corporate interior design award in the category of “Coworking”.

The award has been held by the information portal OfficeNext since 2010 and today is rightfully considered the main professional award in Russia, CIS countries, and Eastern Europe.

The award is given to the architect and the representative of the customer - company that won the project.

Thus, the architectural bureau Nefa Architects received the award alongside with SOK.

SOK stands for “Service, Office, Knowledge,” and this is where the secret to success lies. When designing our spaces we pay attention to every detail.

We are aimed at making everyone who is in a SOK office space comfortable, have maximum opportunities for personal fulfillment, and be surrounded by vivid personalities”, - says Irek Allayarov, SOK CEO.

The award ceremony for the Best Office Awards 2019 took place at the Danilov Event Hall in late May,

the winners were selected by an international jury of expert architects, consultants, developers, administrative directors, and leading news agencies. In total, the ceremony was attended by more than 1,000 people. The ceremony was moderated by the organizer of the award, head of the company OfficeNext, Sergey Konnov.

In 2019, 161 projects were nominated for the Best Office Awards, 10 of them were coworking offices, 3 were shortlisted to the finals, SOK became the winner.

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Coworking as a business culture: the top 10 office sites in Moscow

SOK entered the top ten best options for all working situations:

SOK is a network of smart offices of a new generation, which focuses on three components: Service, Office, Knowledge.

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The largest deals in the segment of office real estate, concluded from the beginning of 2019

The SOK Company was entered into the category of the largest transactions in the office real property market since the beginning of 2019 after the transaction was concluded in the Federation Tower Business Center (Vostok) with a total area of 3.4 thousand square meters.

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A chain of “flexible office spaces” by the billionaire Rybakov has come to Moscow City

A new tenant is occupying space in the Federation Tower in Moscow City - a SOK chain coworking site by the billionaire Igor Rybakov will develop 3,000 sq. m. The share of “flexible office spaces” at the Moscow City Business Center keeps growing.

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Moscow has become the leader in the number of coworking office spaces in Eastern Europe.

Today, the demand for flexible office spaces in Moscow exceeds supply. In the coming years, average annual growth will reach 35%, experts predict. By the end of 2018, the coworking office space market in Moscow grew by 150% (37 thousand sq. m.). During the first quarter of 2019 another 9 thousand sq. m of flexible workspaces were opened.


The SOK coworking chain has established a private club for entrepreneurs. Participation gives free access to business events

SOK also plans to act as an intermediary between entrepreneurs and investors. Entrepreneurs will be able to find mentors, investors, and business partners at SOK sites.

Komersant 16 01 2019

Coworking spaces are located in offices. Small companies found a place for themselves in Moscow.

This year the total area of Moscow coworking offices may increase by almost 150%: 46 thousand sq. m of new office space is expected to open.

The pace of coworking offices becoming available will exceed the 2018 prediction by almost 1.5 times. The market players attribute such a sharp growth to high demand.

There are practically no alternatives that can accommodate small businesses in Moscow.