Is the search for new tenants difficult and unpredictable?

Become a SOK partner

SOK - a network of workspaces

We are not just an anchor tenant, but your partner. We find clients, share risks, increase profits.

SOK maintains tenant balance

We create spaces where large innovative corporations develop alongside small companies and freelancers

SOK advantages

  • IT platform

    Convenient scoring and track-record of tenants
  • Facility management

    We take care of all the maintenance of the building
  • Profit-sharing

    Your income grows symmetrically to SOK's success
  • Service-repair

    We put our expertise in the division of premises so that it does not have to be done again
  • Additional infrastructure for business

    SOK creates infrastructure for tenants, for you
  • New tenants

    We will find them on our own
SOK advantages

Do you want to see SOK in your city or transfer office real estate to management? Leave a request and our manager will contact you.

Become a SOK partner