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SOK City

Fill the form below to get the personal guided tour in SOK City

Please fill out the form below and our manager will contact you.

Fill the form below to get the personal guided tour in SOK City

Please fill out the form below and our manager will contact you.

Fill the form below to get the personal guided tour in SOK City

SOK City

Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya, 12

A new SOK site was opened in the business center of Moscow, in the Federation Tower.

The nearest subway stations are Mezhdunarodnaya and Delovoy Center.  The Moscow Central Ring is a three-minute walk away, whereas Delovoy Center and Vystavochnaya subway stations of the Kalinininskaya line are a 10-minute walk away.

The building is close to main roads like Novy Arbat, Kutuzovsky and Shmitovsky Avenues, Savvinskaya and Presnenskaya embankments. The Third Ring Road is near the business center, “Bagration” bridge is 900 meters away.

The building offers its tenants a cafe, a restaurant, a coffee shop, and a fitness club. Significant space is reserved for the shopping area. ATMs, a central reception desk, as well as a recreation and waiting area for tenants are available.

Sky club and restaurants are open on the 61st and 62nd floors respectively, both with great panoramic views.

Ground and underground parking are available. Thanks to the underground connection with the Afimall shopping center it is possible to go shopping without leaving the building.

You can also take advantage of our special offer and equip your workplace with a Bene hanging screen. The cost of the service is from 10,000 rubles.

Are you interesting? We offer you online walking tour.

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Number of desks: 969
Кол-во незакрепленных мест:
I conference
Conference hall
I dinner
Dining room
I parking
I coffee

SOK Club (1 month rate)12 000 rub.
Flexible desk (1 month rate)24 000 rub.
1 day1 200 rub.
VAT included
  • Chair
    Workplaces with ergonomic office furniture
  • Dostup24
    Access 24/7
  • Ejednevnaya uborka
    Daily cleaning
  • %d0%bf%d0%bd%d0%b3 %d0%bb%d0%be%d0%b3%d0%be %d1%87%d0%b1
    Accounting consultations, legal matters, HR administration, staff recruitment, call-center services.
  • Coffee
    Coffee and soft drinks, Friday beer
  • Coprorate branding
    Members corporate branding
  • Lichnyi kabinet
    Personal account to manage service
  • Uslugi offise manager
    Office management services for all members
  • Gibkie usloviya
    Flexible lease terms and conditions for growing teams
  • Zony otdyha
    Spacious recreational and communication areas for all members
  • Zvukoizolirovannye
    Soundproof telephone booths
  • Personal planing
    Possible personalized layout
  • Internet
    High-speed secured Internet access and corporate level IT solutions based on CISCO
  • Kachestvennaya technika
    Quality color and black-and-white A4 / A3 (8.27in x 11.69in / 11.69in x 16.53in) Kyocera printing
  • Obshie zony
    Common areas for meetings and relaxation facilitate communication
  • Seriya meropriyatoy
    SOK Events
  • Vozmojnost podelitsya
    Opportunity to share personal expertise and to speak to an entrepreneurial audience
  • Lekcii master
    Lectures/workshops from major speakers on creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Site manager

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Sales department

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Создание более здорового рабочего пространства

В связи с COVID-19 мы повышаем наши стандарты безопасности и гигиены труда для вашего спокойствия.

Для защиты наших резидентов и сотрудников мы выполняем более тщательную и частую уборку.

Мы изменили расстояние между посадочными местами в зонах общего пользования и на рабочих местах, что позволит не прерывать рабочий процесс и поддерживать безопасную дистанцию.

Мы разместили таблички в стратегических местах с напоминанием, как и когда соблюдать профессиональную дистанцию и гигиену.

Мы снабжаем наши локации новыми материалами и оборудованием для возможности поддержания чистоты и здоровья в рабочих пространствах нашего сообщества.

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