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SOK Sady Pekina

Fill the form below to get the personal guided tour in SOK Sady Pekina

Please fill out the form below and our manager will contact you.

Fill the form below to get the personal guided tour in SOK Sady Pekina

Please fill out the form below and our manager will contact you.

Fill the form below to get the personal guided tour in SOK Sady Pekina

SOK Sady Pekina

Bolshaya Sadovaya street, house 5, building 1

SOK is the newest and most stylish venue located in the cultural and historical center of Moscow, just five minutes from Mayakovskaya metro station and Triumfalnaya Square. Sixties poets were collected from the monument to V.V. Mayakovsky crowd of fans of poetry, fanned by the spirit of freedom, talking about friendship, love, thinking about his generation. And today Triumfalnaya Square is one of the favorite places of Muscovites and guests of the capital. Stylish cafes, popular gastronomes, traditional and progressive theater venues. And SOK organically fit into this trendy atmosphere. Our space is 4 floors in the Beijing Gardens business center. 520 workplaces, fully finished offices, coworking and common areas with designer furniture, comfortable meeting rooms and a lecture hall. Coffee points are located on each floor, they can be treated to good coffee and tea, and on Fridays and beer;).

Utility payments, high-speed Wi-Fi, daily cleaning and legal address are included in the rental.

You can download the infrastructure file here: Infrastructure of Pekin`s Gardens.

Are you interesting? We offer you online walking tour.

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Number of desks: 500
Кол-во незакрепленных мест:
I conference
Conference hall
I coffee

1 hour in coworking300 rub.
1 day in coworking1 800 rub.
SOK Club (coworking 1 month rate)12 000 rub.
Офис на 1 день для команды от4 200 rub.
Флекс (коворкинг на 1 месяц)17 500 rub.
Фикс (закрепленное место в коворкинге на 1 месяц)31 500 rub.
Pixel (per one workplace)37 100 rub.
Smart-office (per one workplace) from44 200 rub.
Офис Itech (за рабочее место в месяц)45 000 rub.
Офис Адвансд (за рабочее место в месяц)47 200 rub.
Офис Фьюжн (за рабочее место в месяц)46 200 rub.
VAT included
  • Chair
    Workplaces with ergonomic office furniture
  • Dostup24
    Access 24/7
  • Ejednevnaya uborka
    Daily cleaning
  • %d0%bf%d0%bd%d0%b3 %d0%bb%d0%be%d0%b3%d0%be %d1%87%d0%b1
    Accounting consultations, legal matters, HR administration, staff recruitment, call-center services.
  • Coffee
    Coffee and soft drinks, Friday beer
  • Coprorate branding
    Members corporate branding
  • Lichnyi kabinet
    Personal account to manage service
  • Uslugi offise manager
    Office management services for all members
  • Gibkie usloviya
    Flexible lease terms and conditions for growing teams
  • Zony otdyha
    Spacious recreational and communication areas for all members
  • Zvukoizolirovannye
    Soundproof telephone booths
  • Personal planing
    Possible personalized layout
  • Internet
    High-speed secured Internet access and corporate level IT solutions based on CISCO
  • Kachestvennaya technika
    Quality color and black-and-white A4 / A3 (8.27in x 11.69in / 11.69in x 16.53in) Kyocera printing
  • Obshie zony
    Common areas for meetings and relaxation facilitate communication
  • Seriya meropriyatoy
    SOK Events
  • Vozmojnost podelitsya
    Opportunity to share personal expertise and to speak to an entrepreneurial audience
  • Lekcii master
    Lectures/workshops from major speakers on creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Site manager

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Infrastructure SOK Pekin`s Gardens

Dear residents!

We are pleased to have opted for the smart office of SOK Beijing Gardens. So that you can quickly settle down at a new workplace, we have prepared a guide for the surrounding area.
How to get there

SOK Sady Pekina is located in the Beijing Gardens business center close to the residential quarter of the same name in the historic center of Moscow. It is a five-minute walk from Mayakovskaya subway station, a 13-minute walk from Pushkinskaya and a 15-minute walk from Tverskaya and Belorusskaya subway stations. Access by car is possible from the Garden Ring Road or along Tverskaya and Gasheka streets.

Sports clubs and fitness

World Class gym (Bolshaya Gruzinskaya street 69, near “Belorusskaya” subway station). Gym, triathlon, yoga, dancing, swimming pool (25 meters, 4 lanes), martial arts. Grand Fitness gym (Tverskaya street 26/1, on the territory of the Grand Hotel). Gym, cardio area, swimming pool (10x6 meters), jacuzzi, hydromassage.Zhima.Net, a chain of Electrical Muscle stimulation gyms (Sadovaya Triumfalnaya street 12/14). Short workouts (no more than 20-30 minutes) in special dress without stress on joints. Rock the Cycle cycling studio (1 Tverskaya-Yamskaya street 26). For lovers of cycling.

Where to eat

There are so many gastropubs and restaurants around the Mayakovskaya area that it would be possible to release a completely separate guide dedicated to them. We will mention only a few, most of which we have been to. There is no need to provide additional information about McDonald's, KFC (you can find both at the Belorussky train station square), Shokoladnitsa (Bolshaya Sadovaya street 10) and Starbucks (Gasheka street 6), as they are all quite well known. CafeCafe Culinary shop “Vremya est” (Tverskaya street 30/2c1). The average bill is approximately 250-300 rubles. It is convenient to have breakfast and then buy takeaway for lunch at the office; a successful combination of tasty and healthy. “Sovietskaya cheburechnaya” (Krasina street 27, building 1). The average bill is approximately 250-500 rubles. It is fun to drop by to see how “those born in the USSR” used to live, and for some to relish in nostalgia. Nothing like old payphones, typewriters, radiogramaphones, an uncle Lenin portrait just like the one that used to hang in every school, and of course Soviet propaganda posters to bring back old memories. The traditional atmosphere of old Moscow bars and sandwich bars has been preserved here. Credit cards are not accepted, and there is no official website, however, there is a fan-created webpage.Burger Heroes restaurant (Triumfalnaya Square 2). The average bill is approximately 500 rubles. The Burger Heroes restaurant is 1 of 11 restaurants in Moscow that serves craft burgers with smoked bacon and cherries.Pie café “Stolle” (Bolshaya Sadovaya street 3). The average bill is approximately 400-600 rubles. This is a place where one should forget about fitness centers for a while after visiting. Order take away to the office and enjoy it with colleagues. 24-hour cafe “Soup” (1 Brestskaya street 62, located next to Belarusskaya subway station). The average bill is approximately 800-1,000 rubles, but business lunches are priced at 296-377 rubles. Hot soup (44 recipes!) along with fine music will help to recharge the energy of both hard-workers and the not-so-hard workers. It is important not to confuse the tablespoons with your coatroom ticket (also in the shape of a spoon). There have been cases when especially tired customers ate using their coatroom tickets. PizzeriasPizza place “Paprikolli” (Krasina street 27, building 1). The average bill is approximately 1,000- 1,500 rubles. A cozy place to meet colleagues and spend time with family. Kids can bake pizza in a wood-burning oven and treat themselves and their parents. A good option for the weekend. IL Patio restaurant (1 Tverskaya-Yamskaya street, 2, building 2). The average bill is approximately 1,500 rubles. The restaurant’s website offers good recipes for cooking at home.RestaurantsEuropean cuisine restaurant Delimarche (Gasheka street 7). The average bill is approximately 1,500 rubles. The menu is updated daily. The restaurant also hosts dish and wine tasting events. Classic German beer restaurant Spaten-House (2 Tverskaya-Yamskaya street 2). The average bill is approximately 1,500 rubles. Bavarian sausages, goulash soup, tafelspitz and many more. Hookah place Bo-Bo Lounge (Bolshaya Sadovaya street 5, building 1). The average bill is approximately 1,500-2000 rubles. “A place named after the new elite of society”, – the website claims. (origin French- bourgeois bohemian)Japanese restaurant "Tsveteniye Sakury" (Krasina street 7, building 1). The average bill is approximately 1,500-2000 rubles. Brand chef Arakawa Hiroki who worked in Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore for more than 30 years is in charge of the authenticity of the sushi and other dishes on the menu. "Vinny Bazar" (Bolshaya Sadovaya street 1). The average bill is approximately 1,000-2500 rubles. A classic mix of wine, cheese, Italian smoked meats, and wine-friendly dishes. Oyster bar “Rybniy bazar” (Trekhprudny pereulok 10 /2, building 2). The average bill is approximately 3500-4000 rubles. An ice counter with fresh-frozen fish, an aquarium with crabs and two floors of oyster-shrimp happiness.

Where to walk

Triumfalnaya Square (also known as Mayakovsky Square near the subway station of the same name) will give you memories of childhood. This is one of the few places in Moscow where adults while waiting for a meeting can go play on the huge swing sets.Patriarshiye (Patriarch's) Ponds, a green quarter at the beginning of Malaya Bronnaya street, is the very square where Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel “Master and Margarita” begins. In winter there is an ice rink and in summer there are readings Bulgakov’s works, flower festivals, and musical evenings. Aquarium garden (Bolshaya Sadovaya street 16): a small square with fountains, benches and old trees near Mossovet theater. During the daytime, it is nice to walk in the shade and in the evening to feel the vibrant and exciting atmosphere before the start of a performance. Moscow Zoo (Bolshaya Gruzinskaya street 8, building 1, the entrance at Garden Ring Road is still under reconstruction). A nice place to walk for parents with kids and those who want to remember their childhood. Miussky square (intersection of 3 Miusskaya, Miusskaya, Lesnaya streets and 3 Miussky pereulok). A green park with benches and a children’s playground; nothing special but it's a nice place to walk around.

Where to shop

The premium food minimarket “Azbuka Vkusa” is located at the entrance to SOK (Bolshaya Sadovaya street 5, building 1). “Pyaterochka” store (Vasilievskaya street 7)“Tishinka” shopping center (Tishinskaya square 1, building 1). The best store in the complex is Perekrestok. There is also a shop of oriental sweets, a Siberian deli, a pet store, and a kids' clothing and toy store. It often hosts craft exhibitions and workshops.

Where to park

SOK Sady Pekina is located in the Beijing Gardens business center close to the residential quarter of the same name in the historic center of Moscow. It is a five-minute walk from Mayakovskaya subway station, a 13-minute walk from Pushkinskaya and a 15-minute walk from Tverskaya and Belorusskaya subway stations. Access by car is possible from the Garden Ring Road or along Tverskaya and Gasheka streets.

What to see

“Dom Kino” the Russian Movie-making union of the Russian Federation. (Vasilievskaya street 13). Five halls, designed for 1800 people, host spectators who come to watch new movies every day. Not all movies get a distribution certificate; some of the movies are shown exclusively. There are also creative events, movie festivals, and kids' parties. Theater of Satire (Triumfalnaya square 2). The 95-year-old theater that has been led by Alexander Shirvindt for the past 19 years. Mossovet theater (Bolshaya Sadovaya street 16). The Mossovet theater is the world's first workers theater was founded 96 years ago. Prices for performances are well priced and range from 250-3000 rubles.“Most” theater (Bolshaya Sadovaya street 6). The Moscow Open Student Theater was established in 1999 as part of Student Theater of the Moscow State University, the first performances were staged by Mark Zakharov, Sergey Yutkevich, and Roman Viktyuk. “Praktika” Theater (Bolshoi Kozikhinsky pereulok 30). The experimental center of modern drama is open to various creative groups. Seven directors and an impressive young and ambitious acting team stage experimental plays in the theater. “Stanislavsky” Electrotheatre (Tverskaya street 23). The former Stanislavsky Drama Theater found a new life in 2013. Art director Boris Yukhananov of Moscow’s most technologically advanced theater venue is looking for a new artistic language that combines cinema, music, theater, and literature. "Bulgakov House" museum and the Bulgakov Theater (Bolshaya Sadovaya street 10) invites you to the “The Haunted Apartment” where the novel “Master and Margarita” takes place as well as to sightseeing walks - by bus and on foot – around Bulgakov places. Manuscripts will come to life thanks to the actors of Sergei Aldonin’s Theater company. The actors also play at the Bulgakov Theater in plays about Alexander Vertinsky and Leonid Utesov, based on the novels of Vasily Shukshin and of course Mikhail Bulgakov. Planetarium (Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya street 5, building 1). What they certainly didn’t offer you in school was a visit to the Planetarium at night. Now the museum workers are calling adults to go on a romantic date: take a walk in the Sky Park after the museum closes and look into a real telescope. One can also see the stars in the Great Star Hall.

What to listen

Tchaikovsky concert hall (Tverskaya street 31/4). The Tchaikovsky concert hall hosts the most vibrant music and dance festivals, concerts, and performances. Here you can buy annual music passes for both children and adults. Before the concert, you can book a table in the ambiance filled “Tchaikovsky” café. Competitions, concerts, and exhibitions related to musical topics are also held at the Russian national museum of music or at the Glinka Museum (Fadeeva street 4). Summer movie nights are also held here. During the summer movie nights, film viewings are held about great performers and composers.

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Создание более здорового рабочего пространства

В связи с COVID-19 мы повышаем наши стандарты безопасности и гигиены труда для вашего спокойствия.

Для защиты наших резидентов и сотрудников мы выполняем более тщательную и частую уборку.

Мы изменили расстояние между посадочными местами в зонах общего пользования и на рабочих местах, что позволит не прерывать рабочий процесс и поддерживать безопасную дистанцию.

Мы разместили таблички в стратегических местах с напоминанием, как и когда соблюдать профессиональную дистанцию и гигиену.

Мы снабжаем наши локации новыми материалами и оборудованием для возможности поддержания чистоты и здоровья в рабочих пространствах нашего сообщества.

Sok %d0%97%d0%b5%d0%bc%d0%bb%d1%8f%d0%bd%d0%be%d0%b9 %d0%92%d0%b0%d0%bb1

Новая линейка гибких офисов

Изучив потребности арендаторов, мы предлагаем новую линейку продуктов, в основе которой лежит индивидуальный подход и возможность выбора рабочего пространства в зависимости от специфики бизнеса, потребностей команды и позиционирования. Теперь гибкие офисы делятся на 6 категорий. Отличия заключаются в оснащении рабочих мест и других сервисов.

Рабочее место по стандарту SOK. Самый демократичный по стоимости офис. Сервис включен.

Офис с сервисом уровня SOK. Включен пакет переговорок и гостевых часов.Предполагает более высокий уровень очистки воздуха.

Офис с премиальным ремонтом, дополнительным мебельным оснащением, мониторингом микроклимата и живыми комнатными растениями. Сервис по уходу за цветами по запросу. Предполагает максимальные показатели экологического комфорта и нормативный уровень реверберации.

Подойдет для творческих команд. Офисное пространство предполагает неформальное оформление, наличие мягкой мебели, яркие декоративные элементы, маркерные доски. В пакет включены мониторинг микроклимата, установка бризера Тион. Повышенные показатели экологического комфорта и уровня реверберации.

Оснащен столом для переговоров, большим ТВ или проектором. Подходит для компаний, в которых совещания и переговоры занимают весомую часть рабочего времени. Предполагает максимальные показатели экологического и акустического комфорта.

Ориентирован на технологичные команды, для которых большое значение имеет акустический комфорт. Предполагает наличие качественной мебели, проектора, большого количества USB-розеток и других технологичных решений, регулируемого локального освещения, системы мониторинга микроклимата и очистки воздуха Тион. Показатели экологического и акустического комфорта - максимальные.

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