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SOK Zemlyanoy Val

Fill the form below to get the personal guided tour in SOK Zemlyanoy Val

Please fill out the form below and our manager will contact you.

Fill the form below to get the personal guided tour in SOK Zemlyanoy Val

Please fill out the form below and our manager will contact you.

Fill the form below to get the personal guided tour in SOK Zemlyanoy Val

SOK Zemlyanoy Val

Zemlyanoy Val street, 8

The first SOK site is in the historical center of Moscow just a five-minute walk from Kurskaya subway station and the “Atrium” shopping center. The modern building organically fits into the architectural style of the Garden Ring Road without disrupting the aesthetics of the old Moscow courtyards. It is in this same type of courtyard (the actual one is located next door) in which Samuel Marshak wrote his poem “Our courtyard children”.

Five floors of ready-to-occupy offices, a coworking loft with panoramic views and a terrace, comfortable meeting rooms, a fully equipped conference hall for workshops and lectures. SOK members have long appreciated the spacious hall where they hold both educational and entertaining meetings as well as freely attended events arranged by SOK friends and partners. There are coffee areas on each floor with excellent coffee and a variety of teas.

On Fridays we serve beer for all members and host a game zone with intellectual, sports, or business-related games.

Utility bills, high-speed WiFi, daily cleaning, and a registered legal address are included in the lease fee.

Download PDF: SOK Zemlyanoy Val infrastructure.

Number of desks: 384
Кол-во незакрепленных мест:
I conference
Conference hall
I parking
I coffee

1 day1 000 rub.
SOK Club (1 month rate)10 000 rub.
Flexible desk (1 month rate)16 000 rub.
Dedicated desk31 500 rub.
Smart-office (SOK Zemlyanoi Val, per one workplace) from31 500 rub.
VAT included
  • Chair
    Workplaces with ergonomic office furniture
  • Dostup24
    Access 24/7
  • Ejednevnaya uborka
    Daily cleaning
  • %d0%bf%d0%bd%d0%b3 %d0%bb%d0%be%d0%b3%d0%be %d1%87%d0%b1
    Accounting consultations, legal matters, HR administration, staff recruitment, call-center services.
  • Coffee
    Coffee and soft drinks, Friday beer
  • Coprorate branding
    Members corporate branding
  • Lichnyi kabinet
    Personal account to manage service
  • Uslugi offise manager
    Office management services for all members
  • Gibkie usloviya
    Flexible lease terms and conditions for growing teams
  • Zony otdyha
    Spacious recreational and communication areas for all members
  • Zvukoizolirovannye
    Soundproof telephone booths
  • Personal planing
    Possible personalized layout
  • Internet
    High-speed secured Internet access and corporate level IT solutions based on CISCO
  • Kachestvennaya technika
    Quality color and black-and-white A4 / A3 (8.27in x 11.69in / 11.69in x 16.53in) Kyocera printing
  • Obshie zony
    Common areas for meetings and relaxation facilitate communication
  • Seriya meropriyatoy
    SOK Events
  • Vozmojnost podelitsya
    Opportunity to share personal expertise and to speak to an entrepreneurial audience
  • Lekcii master
    Lectures/workshops from major speakers on creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Site manager

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Alina Volkova8 (800) 700-75-71 #1105

Sales department

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Yuliya Vaganova8 (800) 700-75-71 #1007

Infrastructure SOK Zemlyanoy Val

Dear residents!

We are pleased to have opted for the smart office of SOK Zemlyanoy Val. So that you can quickly settle down at a new workplace, we offer you a guide to the surroundings.
How to get there

The first SOK Zemlyanoy Val site is a five-minute walk from “Kurskaya” subway station or a seven-minute walk from “Chkalovskaya” subway station and a ten-minute walk from “Krasnye Vorota” subway station. You can get here by car from the Garden Ring Road.

Where to park

There are plenty of parking options ranging in price. Parking costs 100-150 rubles per hour at the square near Kursky railway station and in “Atrium” shopping center while parking lots at Maly Kazenny pereulok or at Kazakov street are available for 60 rubles an hour. It is possible to rent individual parking spaces nearby at an average price of 15,000 rubles per month, “Cian” parking space prices vary from 13,000 to 35,000 rubles.

Where to eat

SOK Zemlyanoy Val has a food outlet where you can buy ready-made, wholesome and fresh food and drinks. If you want to combine lunch with an easy walk, you have the entire Atrium food court at your disposal (see the “Eat” filter on the shopping center website). In addition to the traditional fast food set, here are presented Farsh burger chains from Arkady Novikov and Miratorg, Torro Grill, Two Sticks and Vietkafe restaurants, as well as Azerbaijani Zafferano.Next to the shopping center, there is the vegetarian cafe Jagannath (Val street 24/30, building 1). This restaurant refutes the idea that being a vegetarian in Moscow is more expensive than being a meat-eater. The average bill is approximately 400 rubles.Buloshnaya Restaurant House (Lyalin pereulok 7/2). The average bill is approximately 1,000-1300 rubles. This is not just a restaurant with history, live music, and various food festivals, but it is also a pastry shop where family and corporate events are held.Cafe Khinkalnaya (Zemlyanoy Val street 7/12). The average bill is 1,000- 1,500 rubles. There you will find Georgian cuisine and live music. There are bars and restaurants with excellent ambiances close to SOK for special occasions:Restaurant of Siberian cuisine Omulevaya bochka (Pokrovka street 33). The average bill is approximately 3000 rubles.With an emphasis on fish (whitefish, muksun, omul) the menu also offers reindeer medallions or fern and veal salad. Gazgolder Club (Nizhny Susalny pereulok 5, building 26). The average bill is approximately 2000-4000 rubles. The restaurant's namesake, the Gazgolder creative guild, recording studio, and brand are located in the same building.It is very likely that when enjoying a pint of beer with “bitye ogurtsy” (pickled cucumbers) or wasabi shrimp you will unexpectedly find yourself at a rehearsal or a movie set. Barrel Wine Bar (4 Syromyatnichesky pereulok). The average bill starts at around 1,500 rubles. A wine bar with a wide selection located in a former wine cellar with apéritifs and many interesting events.

Sports clubs and fitness

Sports clubs and fitness Atrium Fitness (Zemlyanoy Val street 33). Gym, dancing classes, aerobics programs, yoga, stretching, martial arts classes. Equipped with a sauna and solarium. World Class Sports club (Zemlyanoy Val street 9). Gym, swimming pool, triathlon, dancing, martial arts, beauty SPA. 5Concept Fitness (Nizhniy Susalny pereulok, 5, building 3A). Gym, cardio area, cycling, martial arts, yoga. I Feel SPA medical club (Pokrovka street 40, building 2). SPA salon with massage, swimming pool, sauna, and Turkish baths as well as medical cosmetology and rehabilitation medicine.

Where to walk

Bauman Garden is located between Staraya and Novaya Basmannaya streets away from the Garden Ring Road. There are music festivals, dance schools and open lessons of swing, tango, Brazilian Forro, yoga, and qi gong. In summer there is an outdoor reading area, bike rentals, street exercise machines, and an open-air cinema in the garden. In winter an ice skating rink is installed in the park along with a slide for tubing. Old buildings and the spirit of prerevolutionary Moscow have remained intact on the old streets and alleys in the area of the German Quarter and Gorokhov field between Kurskaya and Baumanskaya subway stations. It is pleasant to wander in the area both on your own and with tour guides. Take a tour of the estate of Alexei Razumovsky (Kazakov street 18, building 1), the Church of the Ascension (Radio street 2, building 1) or see the architecture of the private all girl’s school (Gorokhovskiy pereulok 10). A little further there are the estates of the Muravyev-Apostolov (Staraya Basmannaya street 23/1) and the Pushkin House-Museum (Staraya Basmannaya 36). Pokrovka street on the opposite side of the Garden Ring Road is like an open-air museum.

What to see

Moscow Contemporary Art Center Wine Factory “Vinzavod” (4 Syromyatnichesky pereulok 1/8, building 6). The Vinzavod lofts accommodate art galleries and educational projects, shops and showrooms, exhibitions and festivals, movie shows and concerts. If contemporary art is not your cup of tea, you can take a guided tour around the premises of the former brewery and winery.Gogol Center (Kazakova street 8) Producer Kirill Serebrennikov, who is still under house arrest, established the center as an experimental space for contemporary art. The center stages plays, performances, shows movies, and hosts debates. It may be a little strange there, but you are sure to leave with and a fresh look on art and culture. The place is not for everyone, however, it is certainly worth visiting. Theater at Pokrovka (Pokrovka street 50/2, building 1). A small hall with only a few rows of seating adjusted to the contours of the stage and a seating layout that allows spectators to be immersed in the play. The theater stages classic plays without overdoing it on the adaptation. The Zvezda movie theatre operates under Moskino management in the format of a movie cafe (Zemlyanoy Val street 18-22, building 1). Here you can see new Russian movies, foreign movies in their original language, independent films, festival work, short films, as well as meet movie directors and critics.

Where to buy

The "VkusVill" food store (Zemlyanoy Val street 38-40/15, building 9) and the Perekrestok supermarket are located in the Atrium shopping center (Zemlyanoy Val street 33). "Bakhetle" shop (Zemlyanoy Val street 9).

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Создание более здорового рабочего пространства

В связи с COVID-19 мы повышаем наши стандарты безопасности и гигиены труда для вашего спокойствия.

Для защиты наших резидентов и сотрудников мы выполняем более тщательную и частую уборку.

Мы изменили расстояние между посадочными местами в зонах общего пользования и на рабочих местах, что позволит не прерывать рабочий процесс и поддерживать безопасную дистанцию.

Мы разместили таблички в стратегических местах с напоминанием, как и когда соблюдать профессиональную дистанцию и гигиену.

Мы снабжаем наши локации новыми материалами и оборудованием для возможности поддержания чистоты и здоровья в рабочих пространствах нашего сообщества.

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