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SOK Arena Park

Fill the form below to get the personal guided tour in SOK Arena Park

Please fill out the form below and our manager will contact you.

Fill the form below to get the personal guided tour in SOK Arena Park

Please fill out the form below and our manager will contact you.

Fill the form below to get the personal guided tour in SOK Arena Park

SOK Arena Park

Leningradsky prospekt, 36, building 11

The SOK flagship site is located in the Arena Park business block, about a seven-minute walk along a square from the Dinamo subway station. A shopping center and the “Arena” stadium are located nearby. The location has convenient transportation access.

The SOK Arena is a new generation high-rise building; ten floors of turnkey offices with panoramic views. About a thousand working places, coworking with designer furniture, stylish meeting rooms, conference and lecture halls equipped with state-of-the-art facilities with a capacity of more than 150 people. Our members can hold and freely attend events at SOK. On each floor there are coffee areas where you can enjoy the favorite coffee of the Italians: an espresso with dense foam, a delicate cappuccino affectionately covered with an airy milk blanket, a lightly layered latte, or a regular coffee. For tea lovers, there are different varieties of tea.

Utility bills, high-speed WiFi, daily cleaning, and a registered legal address are included in the lease fee.

Download PDF: SOK Arena Park Infrastructure

Number of desks: 900
Number of floors: 9
I conference
Conference hall
I dinner
Dining room
I coffee
I parking

1 day1 500 rub.
SOK Club (1 month rate)8 000 rub.
SOK Club (6 month membership)36 000 rub.
SOK Club (12 month membership)60 000 rub.
Flexible desk (1 month rate)16 000 rub.
Flexible desk (6 month membership)84 000 rub.
Flexible desk (6 month membership)144 000 rub.
Dedicated desk31 500 rub.
Smart-office (SOK Arena Park, per one workplace) from34 530 rub.
VAT included
  • Chair
    Workplaces with ergonomic office furniture
  • Dostup24
    Access 24/7
  • Ejednevnaya uborka
    Daily cleaning
  • %d0%bf%d0%bd%d0%b3 %d0%bb%d0%be%d0%b3%d0%be %d1%87%d0%b1
    Accounting consultations, legal matters, HR administration, staff recruitment, call-center services.
  • Coffee
    Coffee and soft drinks, Friday beer
  • Coprorate branding
    Members corporate branding
  • Lichnyi kabinet
    Personal account to manage service
  • Uslugi offise manager
    Office management services for all members
  • Gibkie usloviya
    Flexible lease terms and conditions for growing teams
  • Zony otdyha
    Spacious recreational and communication areas for all members
  • Zvukoizolirovannye
    Soundproof telephone booths
  • Personal planing
    Possible personalized layout
  • Internet
    High-speed secured Internet access and corporate level IT solutions based on CISCO
  • Kachestvennaya technika
    Quality color and black-and-white A4 / A3 (8.27in x 11.69in / 11.69in x 16.53in) Kyocera printing
  • Obshie zony
    Common areas for meetings and relaxation facilitate communication
  • Seriya meropriyatoy
    SOK Events
  • Vozmojnost podelitsya
    Opportunity to share personal expertise and to speak to an entrepreneurial audience
  • Lekcii master
    Lectures/workshops from major speakers on creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Site manager

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Igor Dolzhenko8 (800) 700-75-71 #1302

Sales department

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Yuliya Vaganova8 (800) 700-75-71 #1007

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SOK Arena Park
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SOK Arena Park
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SOK Arena Park

SOK Arena Park Infrastructure

Dear residents!

We are pleased that you have opted for the SOK Arena Park smart office. So that you can quickly settle down at a new workplace, we offer you a guide to the surroundings.
How to get there

The flagship site SOK Arena Park is located in the Arena Park business block. It is a five-minute walk from the Dinamo subway stations or a 7-10 minute walk from the Petrovsky Park large subway ring line through the park. The site is accessible by car along the Third Ring Road or from Leningradsky prospekt.

Where to park

Parking is available around the SOK building however it is on a first come first serve basis. Outdoor street parking is available at Yuri Nikulin street, Dvortsovaya, Teatralnaya, Mosvskaya, Petrovsky-Razumovskaya alleys as well as near Petrovsky Putevoy Palace at Leningradsky prospekt, 37, building 1. Indoor underground parking is located at Teatralnaya alley 3, building 1, at Leningradsky prospekt, 36, building 31. Renting a parking space in the nearby parking lots is also an option at a cost of 13,000 - 30,000 rubles per month.

Where to eat

SOK Arena Park has its own cafeteria and cafe.If you wish to combine lunch with an easy walk it makes sense to visit the food court at the Arena Park shopping center. Apart from traditional fast-food chains like McDonald's, Teremok, Shokoladnitsa, Subway, ect., one can find foreign cuisine such as Pho (Korean, Pan- Asian, Asian, vegetarian, Vietnamese cuisines). An average bill is approximately 350-750 rubles and a business lunch is 350 rubles. “Cypriot cuisine” (the average bill is approximately 400-600 rubles), grill house “Serbia” (the average bill is 250-500, business lunch at 350 rubles), “Dagestan lavka” (an average bill is 300-500 rubles). There are restaurants in the vicinity of SOK that are perfect for special occasions:Flagship restaurant “Larinov” (Leningradsky prospekt, 32, building 31, at Hyatt Regency). The premium chain project is right across from SOK. The average bill 2,500 rubles; 50% discount on the business menu, which makes it quite affordable and 20% discount on the rest menu items for SOK cardholders. Additionally, they serve delicious steaks and arrange concerts on the weekendsThe legendary old Moscow merchant “Yar” restaurant (Leningradsky prospekt, 32/2). The interior is designed in the style of the 19th century. The average bill is 3,500-5,000 rubles. “Oriental” cocktail bar (Leningradsky prospekt, 32, building 33, on the 14th floor of Hyatt Regency hotel) with Pan-Asian cuisine and proprietor’s cocktails. The average bill is 1800 rubles.

Sports clubs and fitness

There are many fitness clubs around SOK. The closest is Way2Fit (Leningradsky prospekt, 36, “Arena Plaza” shopping center). Gym, TRX band training, aerobics, dancing, pilates, massage, sauna. Orange Fitness (Leningradsky prospekt, 36, building 33). Gym with TechnoGym Artis machines, deck level swimming pool with jacuzzi, spa, dancing, yoga, rehabilitation fitness.Gold’s Gym Dinamo (Leningradsky prospekt, 29, building 3). Gym, swimming pool, martial arts zone, cardio-movie theatre, kids’ club.

Where to take a walk

Petrovsky Park (Leningradsky prospekt, 40). A spacious park with forest smells and unpaved paths. There are of course tiled paths, flowerbeds, benches, and park lighting.The park houses the late 18th-century Petrovsky Palace. Ironically, the palace has nothing to do with Peter I, instead, it was named after its location on Petrovsky highroad. The palace was built by the order of Catherine II. Now it operates as a boutique hotel, where you can enjoy its atmosphere by reserving a room or by booking a tour. Dinamo sports park (Leningradsky prospekt, 36, building 13) is planned to partially open in 2019 after restoration. It will be decorated in the style of the 1920s with an emphasis on historical and sports themes. A fountain alley with sculptures, bicycle and roller skating paths, a concert and sports venue, and a tennis academy are all planned to be available to visitors of the park in the near future.Moscow Central Hippodrome (Begovaya street 22). You can visit one of the oldest hippodromes in Europe, buy a ticket to the horse races, which are held on Sundays or book an excursion on a weekday or Sundays. Lunch and horse racing are included.

What to see

The new convenient “Arena Park” stadium (Leningradsky prospekt, 36) offers its visitors great concerts and interesting events. Jennifer Lopez will perform here on August 4 and Scorpions on November 5. Performances with temperamental dances and exciting songs in the world’s first Gypsy Theater “Romen” (Leningradsky prospekt, 32/2).Museum of Russian Impressionism (Leningradsky prospekt, 15, building 11). A private museum of businessman Boris Mintz exhibits paintings by Konstantin Korovin, Valentin Serov, Stanislav Zhukovsky, Igor Grabar, Konstantin Yuon, Boris Kustodiev, Pyotr Konchalovsky and Alexander Gerasimov. It also provides guided tours for adults and quests for children. Central House of Aviation and Cosmonautics DOSAAF of Russia (Krasnoarmeyskaya street 4). An unadvertised museum with the world-class exhibits such as aircraft prototypes, the world's first satellite, and a Buran spacecraft simulator. If wandering among school excursion groups at the Planetarium is embarrassing and going to VDNH is too far for you, then you should come here.

Where to shop

The nearest supermarkets:“Perekrestok” - Teatralnaya avenue 3, building 1. “Pyaterochka” – Raskovoi street 14Nearest pharmacies:The Nearest pharmacies: “Doctor Stoletov” – Raskovoi street 12. “Gorzdrav” - Leningradsky prospekt, 27. “36’6” - Leningradsky prospekt, 33, building 3.

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