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Стоимость коворкинга
Флекс (коворкинг на 1 месяц)17 500 руб.
Фикс (закрепленное место в коворкинге на 1 месяц)31 500 руб.
SOK Club (coworking 1 month rate)12 000 руб.
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SOK for specialist

A flexible desk at SOK is more than just a workplace in a coworking office.

You will get:
  1. Large corporations level office

    High-speed internet, modern office equipment, equipped kitchens, the site staff service; all of this is made available at the highest level for the most representative members. Even popular pop stars and top bloggers want to work with us. Our desks are available to anyone who wants to work.

  2. Effective environment and stylish interior

    The office was designed by the best architect studio in Moscow - NEFA Architects. We love to say it is an “adult”, but not boring design. Interiors combined with high-quality engineering solutions for ventilation and lighting creates a unique environment in SOK where it is so easy to focus on what you do. It is an easy and comfortable space for both “young hipsters” as well as wealthy mature businessmen.

  3. Networking and entertainment.

    "You can meet completely different people among SOK members, however, all of them are aimed at a modern work format where sharing knowledge is both pleasant and useful. SOK seeks to develop its clients by hosting educational events for them and with them. We also care about entertainment. On Friday evenings we hold entertaining events with free beer. Discounts are available for meals at neighboring restaurants and cafes."

Join SOK CLUB from 10,000 rubles per month
Work in a stylish office instead of a café.1
Attend educational and entertainment events.2
Meet and talk to top experts and entrepreneurs3
The SOK CLUB personal card provides access to any SOK buildings 4
Work any day from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.5
Printer, scanner6
Coffee area with excellent quality coffee and tea7
High-speed WiFi8
Discounts on meeting rooms, conference halls, bonuses from SOK partners9

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