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Your business is growing and your office is becoming "too small"?

At your disposal there is an office with the same infrastructure and services like those available for giant IT companies.
You don't need to puzzle how to equip and maintain it. Flexible SOK smart offices rent terms allow you
to increase or decrease the rented space quickly: add or remove a workplace is a one-day issue.

Become a SOK resident
SOK Advantages

SOK is not just an office, it is your resource. Well thought-out infrastructure, quality service, interesting people – all this creates the most favorable environment for the development of your business.

  1. Corporate-level office infrastructure

    The office design was developed by the best architecture studio in Russia, NEFA Architects. The space layout and utilities meet the highest standards: we personally check the illumination level, air volume and the required space for each workplace. IT infrastructure: many points of access to high-speed Internet, office equipment, VoIP, telecommunications – all this is built on the equipment made by leaders in their respective industries.

  2. Effective rent

    Why should you overpay for empty places and break-outs that you don't need? Pay only for what you really use. Flexible SOK conditions allow you to quickly change the rent terms according to your needs. SOK will take care of you and your employees, allowing you to focus on what is really important!

  3. Physical and cyber security

    Access to workplaces in offices is provided by the electronic keys. With the help of friendly delicate security staff, we provide your physical security, while the unique system of data protection from Group-IB – Russian cyber security market leader – will provide reliable protection of your data.

  4. Atmosphere of development: educational events and a fold of like-minded people

    With the help of your SOK smart office neighbors you will be able to quickly and effectively solve different problems of your business. For residents, there is an internal portal that allows to share expertize, offer services or request assistance, post commercial offers and other announcements. A number of educational and recreational activities under SOK.Point common name will help to reduce communication barriers, make useful acquaintances, and get knowledge and pleasant emotions.


Хотите рассказать о том, что вы делаете? Хотите поделиться вашим экспертным опытом и привлечь новых клиентов? SOK.Point вам в этом поможет.

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The entrance
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Open space
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Conference Hall
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Elevator hall
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Events place
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Educational event is going
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Educational event is going
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The first floor
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Lounge zone
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Bolshaya Sadovaya street, house 5, building 1
1 530 rub.
16 830 rub.
Constant Resident
28 560 rub.
DISCOUNT 15% - Smart Office (SOK Arena Park) from
39 950 rub.

With VAT

Working Places: 500
Working Floors: 4
I conference
Conference hall
I parking
I coffee
Zemlyanoy val street, 8
1 530 rub.
16 830 rub.
Constant Resident
28 560 rub.
Smart Office (SOK Zemlyanoi Val) from
44 500 rub.

With VAT

Working Places: 384
Working Floors: 7
I conference
Conference hall
I parking
I coffee
Leningradsky prospect, vladenie 36, building 11
1 530 rub.
16 830 rub.
Constant Resident
28 560 rub.
Smart Office (SOK Arena Park) from
43 000 rub.

With VAT

Working Places: 900
Working Floors: 9
I conference
Conference hall
I dinner
Dining room
I parking
I coffee