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Flexible SOK solutions for the entire range of your clients who are looking for corporate level offices for efficiency and growth:

for teams of more than 10 employees and separate divisions of companies
for corporate clients
for small companies of 3-10 employees
SOK - is:

SOK is not just a leased office space, it is a platform for entrepreneurs and a venue to grow your business. We offer smart-offices for lease with personalized layouts, a tailored internal infrastructure and an environment for continual growth.

  1. A modern office

    which will please your clients

  2. Reputable partnership

    Guaranteed to pay commission no later than 30 days from the date of a deal

  3. We will meet your clients

    We will be happy to see you at our buildings, however, you do not need to always be with clients during their initial visit - SOK managers will carry out tours and answer all of the clients’ questions

  4. Faster deal time

    More earnings - use downtime to work with other clients

  5. Promo materials

    High-quality business offers that you can immediately send to clients

  6. Benefit

    Commission 10% of the larger amount than with a regular lease

Registered brokers

Regular fil
Sergey Fil
“SOK has solved a unique task for our client: an international IT corporation with prompt accommodation of an R&D center with high confidentiality requirements and quality of IT infrastructure.”
Regular afanasiev
Dmitry Afanasyev
“We are happy a professional systematic player has appeared in the real property market specializing in ready-made offices. SOK makes it possible to accommodate almost any need of our clients, whether it’s the accommodation of a small team or an entire corporate headquarters.”
Regular sitdikov
Marat Sitdykov
SA Ricci
“We thank SOK for fruitful cooperation. Working together allowed us to effectively solve the problem of temporarily accommodating our client during the construction of their new office”.
Registered brokers
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    Registered Brokers are the first to receive information on available offices including early bookings in new buildings
  • Brokers plus 2
    Promptly receive business offers
  • Brokers plus 3
    Receive invitations to the opening of new SOK buildings and other events
  • Brokers plus 4
    The first to receive cooperation agreement
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