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A turnkey solution for businesses of any size

For corporate clients

A technological office with turnkey service, which we will set up for your needs quickly and without capital expenditure.

Small and medium sized businesses

SOK Smart Offices give your business the chance to operate in a similar environment to large IT corporations.


Open space workspaces for freelancers and small teams. High-speed internet, office equipment and coffee shops.

SOK Engineering

We are ready to offer you our experience in space organization — planning, design, management.

New line of flexible offices

Having studied the needs of tenants, we offer a new product line, which is based on an individual approach and the ability to choose a workspace depending on the specifics of the business, the needs of the team and positioning. Flexible offices are now divided into 6 categories. The differences lie in the equipment of workplaces and other services.

Workplace according to the SOK standard. The most affordable office. Service included.

Office with SOK level service. Includes a package of meeting rooms and guest hours. Provides a higher level of air purification.

Office with premium renovation, additional furniture, microclimate monitoring and live indoor plants. Flower care service on request. It assumes the maximum indicators of environmental comfort and the standard level of reverberation.

Suitable for creative teams. Office space assumes informal design, upholstered furniture, bright decorative elements, whiteboards. The package includes microclimate monitoring, installation of the Tion breather. Increased indicators of environmental comfort and the level of reverberation.

Equipped with a conference table, large TV or projector. Suitable for companies in which meetings and negotiations take up a significant part of the working time. Provides maximum environmental and acoustic comfort.

Focused on tech teams for whom acoustic comfort is of great importance. It assumes the presence of high-quality furniture, a projector, a large number of USB sockets and other technological solutions, adjustable local lighting, a microclimate monitoring and air purification system Tion. Indicators of environmental and acoustic comfort are maximum.

SOK advantages

We create a culture that promotes inclusiveness, teamwork and entrepreneurial spirit. SOK already has a strong community: clubs, Friday parties and travel.

For the comfort of residents, we have equipped a large number of workplaces, meeting rooms, conference rooms, telephone booths, soft zones and kitchens. Vending machines, coffee machines and massage chairs work for you 24/7.

Our spaces have strong technical equipment: CISCO-based IT solutions, Solstice technology, MagicAir interactive microclimate monitoring map, Desk me workplace sharing service, SOK OS mobile application.

We care about the health and comfort of our residents, therefore we constantly raise the standards of safety and work hygiene. We have already implemented a five-stage medical class E11 air purification and disinfection system, a Tion microclimate and air purification monitoring system, ACS.

Pay only for what you use. You can choose any of the tariffs for coworking or the category of offices you like. We provide flexible conditions for changing the lease agreement.

Eco-friendly materials are used at our sites, the noise level is reduced, water and electricity saving systems are installed. We also organized separate waste collection, collection points for waste paper, batteries, plastic and clothes were installed.

Additional products


Digital booking service of workplaces for offices and co-working spaces. Get rid of routine processes and no more time wasted on administrative tasks.

Event spaces

Ergonomic space on the 1st floor of SOK Rybakov Tower, equipped with everything you need for the convenience of the speaker and guests.

Meeting rooms

We have implemented 3 meeting room rates to offer you a solution that meets a variety of needs.

SOK Residents

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Логотип 'ozon'
Логотип 'Сбер'
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Location of our sites

  • Opening soon
  • Fully booked
SOK Tel Aviv

SOK Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, HaMasger Street, 39

An office with well-thought-out infrastructure and conditions for business development and knowledge exchange.

Price starts at: 100 rub/hour
SOK Rybakov Tower

SOK Rybakov Tower

Leningradsky prospekt, 36, building 11

The flagship site of SOK: a spacious co-working space, meeting rooms for any requirements, a spacious conference room and a panoramic terrace.

Price starts at: 300 rub/hour
SOK Sady Pekina

SOK Sady Pekina

Bolshaya Sadovaya street, house 5, building 1

4 floors of stylish offices in the heart of the capital. There are cafés, gastro bars, parks and the famous Pyotr Tchaikovsky Concert Hall all around.

Price starts at: 300 rub/hour
SOK Zemlyanoy Val

SOK Zemlyanoy Val

Zemlyanoy val str., h.8

A platform for creative teams. A co-working space on the terrace to keep you inspired. Equipped meeting rooms and cosy lounge areas.

Number of seats: 384
Price starts at: 300 rub/hour
SOK Arena Park

SOK Arena Park

Leningradsky prospekt, 36 / 10

Ultramodern building. Well thought-out working space for you to fully concentrate on your work.

SOK City

SOK City

Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya, 12

The first co-working space in Russia and the CIS, certified according to the LEED Standard of the GOLD level, in the Federation Tower of the Moscow International Business Center.